Gods Plan Productions is owned by Craig Syracusa/Tubiolo. His sole purpose is to put out positive productions with the highest quality possible. Craig and his team have created every type of media from Feature films, Documentaries, Corporate Videos, Commercials, and Reality shows that have been pitched and sold to major networks. They are involved in all aspects of the production from the preproduction stages all the way until the final product is delivered to the client. Their main focus is concentrating on the content and its effect that it will have on the masses. Gods Plan just completed an original Documentary “Road to our Holy Father” and a feature film “Omerta” that was written and directed by Craig Syracusa. Gods Plan has many relationships with Networks, top tier Producers, Production Companies, Directors, Distribution Companies, Major Corporations/Sponsors and A/B list celebrities. They have built these strong relationships through their hard work and dedication. Their positive outlook on the effect that their films have on society has been there key component to success.

                                                        “ In life we have many choices and its not until we

                                                      make several mistakes that we find the right direction’’



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Gods Plan Productions is a NY based company and has no affiliation with any Event planning company in LA, Gods Plan works directly with the Catholic Church..

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